Astro Friday

Astro Friday

Join us for an astronomical Friday bar, where we invite researchers to discuss their current projects, play space pub quiz and enjoy food and beverages in our new exhibition.

For this Friday bar you will experience the exhibition ‘Made in Space’ as a starry night, while you soak up news from the world of astronomy and space. During the evening researchers will talk about their newest and most exciting discoveries.

As always, we will have a big pub quiz about black holes, stars, exoplanets and so much more. There will be prices, so read up on all your favourite astro-stuff or try your luck with some of the quirkier questions.

No Friday bar is complete without music and besides our awesome space playlist there will be live music.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

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e Tycho Brahe Planetarium
g fredag 20/4 16:30-23:00




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