I tweet, so I am? Social media and our lives as consumers

I tweet, so I am? Social media and our lives as consumers

This presentation deals with our lives as social media consumers, how we present ourselves on social media, and what that means for us as individuals and brands alike.

We follow brands on Facebook, praise the hotel of our last vacation in Thailand on Tripadvisor, pin pictures of products to our virtual wall on Pinterest, or tweet about our latest purchase experience gone wrong. But why do we do this? And what are the consequences for the individual person and businesses alike? Do social media empower us as consumers? Do we have more or less control over information about products and services? And what do brands have to do to engage with us on social media?

This talk aims at providing insights into the world of social media from a social science perspective. We will touch upon the idea of personal branding, where each of us seemingly presents the ideal self on social media, and we will engage the audience in reflecting on how social media have (or haven’t) changed our consumption behavior and our relationship with brands. 

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Beamer, incl. connection cable (PC-compatible)


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45 - 60 minutes


Antonia Erz


Copenhagen Business School


Ph.d., postdoc researcher with teaching responsbilities