Global Work & Life: entanglements of socio-economic interests & international life stories

Global Work & Life: entanglements of socio-economic interests & international life stories

We propose to explore global work conditions from two perspectives: the benefits and challenges of borderless work for society and the meaning and experiences of international work for those who are on the move.

In this interactive session we share and discuss research insights on international labour mobility and migration from two angles: on the one hand we explore the importance of borderless work from a broader economic and societal perspective, on the other hand we share findings on how different individuals experience and narrate their international, mobile lives.

The ability of EU citizens to move freely for work and leisure has been significantly affected by pandemic related restrictions over the past year. Nonetheless, around 15 million of EU citizens of working age live in an EU member country other than that of their citizenship. Worldwide, 270 million individuals live outside their home country. As employers and nation states such as Denmark try to attract qualified individuals from abroad to occupy vacant job positions, the participation of international workers in welcoming societies is often limited to the work sphere.

These few facts serve as the background for our session. Drawing on macro data, as well as individual experiences, we will explore the motivations, challenges and pathways of those who move abroad. Motivations can be economic, such as better salary and professional opportunities, or personal , driven by Wanderlust, love relationships or friendships. Whether moving abroad is a necessity or a choice, the outcomes vary greatly. Some settle in a new country for good, while others keep hopping from one place to the other. In all cases, newly built relationships and networks across national borders seem to not only benefit employers and economies, but they are intense learning experiences for those who are on the move...

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Sydsjælland, Lolland og Falster
Midt- og Vestsjælland


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Voksne / Adults
Unge (inkl. ungdomsuddannelser) / Young adults (incl. youth educations)


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Kerstin Martel / Jacopo Bassetto


Copenhagen Business School


PhD candidates