The biology of forgetting: How do we create and lose memories, and why

The biology of forgetting: How do we create and lose memories, and why

Have you ever wondered how memories are stored in your brain? And what happens to them when we forget? In this lecture, I will introduce approaches to learning and forgetting from a systems neuroscience perspective.

I will cover how memories are formed at the neuronal level, and I will introduce the field of the study of memory loss and forgetting.

We will start with a historical perspective on how the brain’s mechanisms for memory formation were discovered. I will introduce the idea of synaptic plasticity, the mechanism that allows neurons to change constantly and store our memories. I will also explain where in the brain memories are kept.

Then, we will see the different ways in which we can lose our memories. Mostly, I will focus on those that are not related to disease: The natural, normal forgetting that happens constantly to every one of us.

I will also explain why we need to forget, and whether it is possible to never forget anything.

We will go through the latest research on the topic so that you  can get an accurate idea of today’s knowledge in this field.

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50-60 minutes for the lecture and (if there is time) an additional 10-20 minutes for questions and discussion


Andrea Moreno


Aarhus University, DANDRITE