The Danish Science Festival

The Danish Science Festival

The Danish Science Festival takes place every year in week 17. The festival programme has about 600 different events in more than 100 cities all over the country and every year more than 75,000 guests visit the festival.

Who is behind it?

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is principal organizer behind the Festival. The Secretariat of the Danish Science Festival is located in the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The secretariat has the main responsibility for the organisation, coordination and marketing of the festival.

What is the purpose of the festival?  

The purpose of the Danish Science Festival is to:

  • Celebrate the fundamental element of research – curiosity
  • Establishing a meeting place between researchers and the general public
  • Showcase how research and innovation helps solve social grand challenges
  • Support public engagement in research and enhance the relationship between researchers and the general public.

Who are the local organisers?

Every year the Danish Science Festival has about 100 local organisers that organises the approximately 600 different events all over the country. The local organisers are primarily universities, education and cultural institutions, companies, public institutions and organisation, research institutions. But every one that has a great idea and a suitable location can become an organiser.

Who is the target group?

Everyone with an interest in science and innovation. But the target group is primarily the part of the general public that normally isn’t in contact with research and innovation. Normally the local organisers define their own specific target group such as families, students or children.     

What happens?

During the Danish Science Festival you can experience all kinds of event with the same goal – communicating research and innovation in an interesting, understandable and fascinating way. The most popular types of events are open houses, scientific market places, hands-on experiments, lectures, guided tours, shows and debates. 

Book a Researcher

Book a Researcher is a program where everyone that can gather a group of at least 20 people can book a researcher to come and give a lecture free of charge during the week of the Danish Science Festival.

School Programme

In 2016 the Danish Science Festival launches a national school program. The school program is the result of a close cooperation between the national children’s libraries digital site, the school ministry at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Science Festival. The target group of the school program is the middle grade students.
The School programs purpose is to introduce the students to natural science and technology in a fun and interactive way that relates to the students everyday life.   

Grand opening

Each year the Danish Science Festival is launched with a grand opening. The grand opening is organised by the Secretariat and different partner every year. The Crown Princess Mary is the patroness of the festival and participates in the grand opening. 

The Research Communication prize

The Research Communication prize is given to a researcher or a research team that over the years has done a special effort in communicating their field of research to the general public. The winner is rewarded with 100,000 DKK.

The Research Communication prize is handed out every year at the grand opening of the festival and the winner is presented by the Danish Crown Princess Mary.