What does design do for us?

What does design do for us?

This lecture explains what designers do, what it look like to design something as opposed to not designing it, and how the work of designers makes a difference in everyday life.

It's all around us: The product of designers.

From the almost invisible good things - objects, spaces, things we do every day like buy rail tickets - to the painfully annoying bad things - machines we can't use, things that look nice but ruin our day, the ugly buildings we see around us and the chore of buying an airline ticket.

This talk explains that design is very closely related to being human, and that design thinking could help solve common problems, even those involving what are often thought of as political ones - this is the closing section, where the audience is told that badgers and ants and birds do engineering but only humans can do design.

We'll also touch on how the problem of running our society could be solved more easily if we think of design methods, rather than the ones we've used up until now.

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A projector and a cable for a laptop


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50 minutes


Richard Herriott


Design School Kolding


Associate Professor

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