QIMUSSEQ: Archaeological insights to the Greenlandic dogsledding culture

QIMUSSEQ: Archaeological insights to the Greenlandic dogsledding culture

Investigating the history of dog sledding in Greenland. This lecture explores archaeological evidence of dog sledding, experimental archaeology, 3D analysis of historical sleds and its symbolic importance in Inuit cultures.

The use of dog sleds is one of the hallmarks of Inuit culture. It was a key transportation method in prehistoric Greenland and played a major role in the dispersal of Inuit culture across the North American Arctic around 1000 CE.

This presentation delves into the history of Greenlandic dog sledding culture, aiming to understand the historical bond between humans and dogs by combining archaeological and ethnographic evidence.

I will share insights into my research, and how I used experimental archaeology. You will discover if an archaeologist with no woodworking experience can build a traditional Greenlandic dog sled in just six weeks. Additionally, I will discuss why an archaeologist even needs to build a dog sled in the first place.

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Teknologi og Innovation
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25 minutter


Emma Vitale


University of Greenland, University of Copenhagen


PhD Fellow

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